Meet Joy

The Founder of JOYous Foundation

 I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters from my father and I'm the oldest of 3 beautiful strong women from my mother. Other than God's grace I wake up because of my 4 seasons Jada (17 Spring), Javares (15 Summer), Jestin (9 Fall), and Malachi (8 Winter) yes you can call me Mother Nature. I joined the US Army in November 2001 about 5 months after I graduated from high school. During, my time in the US Army I assisted with deploying over 10,000 soldiers, mentoring over 20 soldiers to compete in Best Warrior Competitions, cross-trained 25 soldiers to logistics, earned an additional skill as a crew master gunner in Fort Huachuca, Az where are graduated in the top 10 in the class and the only female in the class, I am the first female in my family to join the US Armed forces, After 15 years of service I medically retired in 2017. My military journey has taken me to Fort Hood, TX, Fort Sheridan, IL, Schenectady, NY, Jackson, MS, and Fort Jackson, SC (where I started and retired). Throughout my military career, I have influenced both young women and men to join.

After retiring from the military, I moved back to Chicago my hometown where I served my community the best I could and within my church by becoming a part of the Women Ministry and Outreached program. I enjoy mentoring young women in both my community and family, but I still felt I wasn’t doing enough. I made the decision to join Kappa Epsilon Military Sorority Incorporated. At the time I thought becoming a part of this organization would share the same mission and goals that align with mine. After weeks of fasting and prayer, I decided to leave the organization and start JOYous Foundation. JOYous Foundation purpose is to develop young ladies into remarkable women of excellence by providing life skills in areas of service, professionalism, leadership, communication, self-awareness, and etiquette. I’m excited about joining the Hormel family, and I can’t wait to share my skills and expertise’s with the team, along with learning from each of you.

I truly believe that my calling from God is to wake up every day to purposely make a difference in someone else life other than my own.